Here you can read about all the projects i have done and mabye get some great ideas or help!

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I have been programming arduino many years and made a lot of projects for ham radio and for our makerspace

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Jeg har undervist i salg i 29 år og her kan du finde mit salgskursus med videoer af salgsfaserne!

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I have developed a lot of homepages in drupal !

This home page are in drupal 10.1.5

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Just for my own education I did find Lora IOT interesting. Hope i can inspire you

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Jeg elsker eventyr og har altid været vild med udelivet. Du kan finde en masse af de ture jeg har været på og håber at det inspirere dig til eventyr

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IBM Lmic for STM32CubeMX

IBM made a fine library for LoraWan - The Lmic library.

I see this libray as a easy way to get a LoRa node up and running, and it fit all the needs i do have.

But it was a little hard for me the first time to get it running on a ST microcontroller, due to the fact that using STM32CubeMX was not a option.

I decided to make some changes to the HAL file and to the DEBUG file and now it is VERY easy to get a SX1276 running together with any ST microcontroller.