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STM32 Micro Processors

I have made a lot of projects on STM32 micro processors.

You will find some projects here and more on

RHF76-052 LoRa Module

RHF76-052 Lora module is born to be a serial LoRa module with firmware made for communication with an other uC.

But inside are an SX1276 and an STM32L051C8T6 and with the LMIC filesystem it is no problem to use this module with your own software

link to ebay where you can buy the module

I did make a simple test print on my CNC just to do all the test.


STM32H7 DCIM OV2640 and DMA2D to LTDC screen on stm32cubeide

STM32H7 DCIM OV2640 and DMA2D to LTDC screen on stm32cubeide

You can buy the board at ebay link to ebay

I did use the files from waveshare as a start link to waveshare files

There is a clock issue and thts why the camera sometime make funny picture - I will make a new version when i do find the deep reason.


LMIC ABP STM32Cubemx example

START with this before doing ABP

If you want to use the LMIC and the cubemx you just have to change some lines in the main.c

Thanks to Piotr Siwy to inspire me.

Here you find the file set /sites/default/files/

if you just want to change the OTAA example from the video the follow these few steps.

You have to set the keys in


IBM Lmic for STM32CubeMX

IBM made a fine library for LoraWan - The Lmic library.

I see this libray as a easy way to get a LoRa node up and running, and it fit all the needs i do have.

But it was a little hard for me the first time to get it running on a ST microcontroller, due to the fact that using STM32CubeMX was not a option.

I decided to make some changes to the HAL file and to the DEBUG file and now it is VERY easy to get a SX1276 running together with any ST microcontroller.