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Here you will find some of all the projects I have done regarding Lora IOT.

Drupal module import from The Things NetWork

I have used Drupal for a lot of years for different purpose.

I did create a module for Drupal 7 so all the data from your LoRa nodes can be stored as nodes in drupal and then you can show them as graph or what ever you like - Drupal can do it all.

Download the module from this LINK to zip

Here in the drupal menu you will find some tabels or graphs which show some of my data.

The module is quite simple to get working.

Download module and install.


Cheap & Easy Arduino Sensor

If you want to try out a Cheap and Easy arduino sensor you can find a BB-FRM9x-x on ebay and a atmel328p-pu.

My focus was to find a cheap, easy to program and low current solution for everyone ...

The BB-FRM9x-x do have a voltage regulator so it means that you can supply with 3.6 volts to 5 volts.

I can get it down to 13uA with 3.6 Volts in sleep mode.


RHF76-052 LoRa Module

RHF76-052 Lora module is born to be a serial LoRa module with firmware made for communication with an other uC.

But inside are an SX1276 and an STM32L051C8T6 and with the LMIC filesystem it is no problem to use this module with your own software

link to ebay where you can buy the module

I did make a simple test print on my CNC just to do all the test.